Jeremy Platt’s UX/Product Design Portfolio

Case Studies

UX / Product Designer

The concept of play always inspires me. We feel free to try new things out or put ourselves into other roles without the fear of lasting consequences. From experimentation, we learn.

When I do UX design, I energize and return to the state of expanding beyond myself with others. UX research shows me what it is like to be in another’s shoes through interviewing, surveys, secondary research, and exercises. Getting to know our users feels like falling in love with favorite characters in a book. I witness their struggles and triumphs…then I help write the next chapter.

Developing the appropriate voice for the product to speak to users is essential to provide an effective perspective and context. Personas, Journeys, and Flows help us understand our audience to improve the audience experience. When ideating with different people and teams and designing UX experiments to improve users’ experiences, we get to play, to help others find freedom and epiphany in the product or service. We get to test and improve, to make users the heroes in their stories.